The inception of Jangneus began with my desire to fulfil my lifelong passion for design and to partner it with the Swedish tradition of form and function.

With a soul firmly rooted in the heart of the family home the idea of crafting great design for the kitchen was born, and Jangneus was launched in 2009 with our core product, the Swedish dishcloth.

The inspiration for my designs comes from a multitude of places and emotions, especially when I'm at home, visiting my roots in Dalarna, Sweden.

It makes my heart sing to do what I love, and I'm excited to be growing Jangneus, where you will continue to find the simple message of Swedish kitchen culture.

I can't do the washing up for you but I'd love to inject some colour and fun to make your kitchen come to life and to make your daily chores an everyday pleasure!

Marie Jangneus-Davis
Founder & Designer